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Herbal medicine is the original medicine. Modern conventional medicine emerged from the root of traditional herbal medicine. Today newly qualified doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath, so named for Hippocrates; the ancient Greek physician known as the Father of Medicine.


Hippocrates (and other well known historical physicians) utilised the Humoural model of medicine; this method promotes balance between the body's systems, and encourages the body's innate ability to heal itself.


Modern humoural or constitutional medicine, achieves balance in the body by taking into account a person's state of health at the tissue level; determining whether there is excess tension or laxity, heat or coldness, dryness or 'dampness' (among others). Herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle advice will be prescribed in order to promote balance within the body.


Modern Traditional Western herbalists are trained to degree level; with training in many subjects that a conventional doctor would receive. This modern training is aimed at using the best traditional knowledge of herbs and fusing it with modern medical methods.


Typical training for a medical herbalist may include;


* Anatomy and Physiology

* Pathophysiology

* Clinical skills (including physical examination of patients)

* Therapeutics

* Differential Diagnosis

* Pharmacy

* Pharmacokinetics

* Biochemistry

* Phytochemistry

* History and Philosophy


Many professional Medical Herbalists will be members of a Professional body; such as The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (N.I.M.H.)

Membership of such a body maintains standards within the profession; requiring its members complete continuing professional development (CPD) and to have professional indemnity insurance. This promotes effective, safe medicine for patients, and means that the latest scientific advances are incorporated into practice.


Herbalism is no anachronism; it is a science and an art, which is constantly evolving to meet the demands of today's health challenges.


About Herbal Medicine

We offer a bespoke service; blending the science and art of using botanical medicines and preparations to give effective & safe solutions.


Herbal medicine is a partnership between you and your practioner; we will devise herbal medicine strategies which take into account your own personal needs and preferences, and resources.


We may offer dietary and lifestlyle advice, or Aromatherapy massage alongside any herbal medicines; our goal is to help you succeed in addressing your health issues.


We can help with a wide range of health issues; from simple self limiting conditions, to more complex and long-standing problems. Herbal medicine is suitable for all ages and we are happy to support you if you are also taking conventional medications from your doctor.

Lorraine Smith Medical Herbalist

Trained to be a BSc (hons) degree standard, Lorraine is fully insured,

and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (N.I.M.H).

Your confidentiality is of paramount importance to us, and we abide by the N.I.M.H. code of ethics.


Please visit the services page for a list of options available.

What is herbal medicine?