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Amphora Aromatics Rosewood Essential Oil 10ml


Amphora Aromatics Rosewood Essential Oil 10ml

Calming, rejuvenating and uplifting
Offers a natural toning and balancing effect to the skin and body
Beautifully relaxing, sweet & sensual oil

Species: Dalbergia sissoo
Origin: Brazil
Extraction Process: Steam Distillation
Perfume Note: BASE
Rosewood essential oil is a calming and steadying oil - a good oil to use during exams or when driving. It's also a popular oil for the relief of stress, a sensual oil to help set the mood and its also used as a natural good deodorant (always dilute before skin application).

Useful for all skin types but especially for mature skin.
Rosewood is also ideal to use in bath preparations. A few drops added to bath water makes a lovely treat at the end of a hard day. Despite it's gentle nature you should always test on a small area of skin first and always use diluted (as with the majority of essential oils and natural products). When burned or vaporised Rosewood is thought to help stimulate the mind and lift feelings of mental and physical tirednes

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