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Rose Otto 5% Dilution Essential Oil 10ml


Amphora Aromatics Rose Otto 5% Dilution Essential Oil 10ml

Relaxing, moisturising and sensual
Great for mature and sensitive skin
bottle in massage
A balancing & nurturing oil for both body and mind

Rose Otto Steam Distilled Diluted Rose Otto is a lovely oil for use with of dry, sensitive and mature skin.

It has good rejuvenating properties which may be beneficial to the more mature skin types. Rose has long been reputed to be a natural aphrodisiac.

Its delicately sweet and floral aroma is loved and renowned by many and its known to be an incredibly uplifting oil. a great one to use to lift the mood during the winter months.
Roses have been used in many cultures since the ancient times. the Greeks, Persians and Romans among others would have used Rose to treat everything from nervous tension, headaches and fevers to skin complaints and digestive problems. Today Rose is loved and used mainly in the skincare ans perfumery industry as well as in the world of aromatherapy for its versatile properties.

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